How to Deal With Rejection + Disappointment

May 17, 2017 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

So a few weeks back, an exciting opportunity came my way and to be honest, I was VERY optimistic.

I was not only highly qualified, but I put some “hard” time and energy into the application process.

Long story short, just a few days ago, I received the dreaded “rejection letter.”

Cue my disappointment.

Needless to say, this was the inspiration behind today’s video.

I want to share my QUICK TIPS on how I bounce back from rejection en route to my dreams + goals and how YOU can too!

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Hey guys. Happy Wednesday! If this is the first time you’ve stumbled upon my channel, I’m Shaina Leis. What do you think, love at first sight?

I’m bringing you another video today to help you better yourself and your life and today’s topic is: How to Deal with Rejection + Disappointment en route to your goals and dreams.


So recently I had a super exciting opportunity that came my way and how do I put this…

Basically, I thought I had it in the bag. I pretty much had my acceptance speech ready.

Long story short, I recently received the unfortunate news that I was not the chosen one.

Cue the disappointment!

Needless to say, it was the inspiration behind this video. I just really wanted to share my tips on how to BOUNCE BACK quickly from rejection + disappointment so that you don’t waste time + energy on something that’s out of your control and of course, so that you don’t give up.

So here’s what I suggest to keep the momentum strong:

Find the “good” in it. You gained something from whatever it is you were working toward- whether it be a lesson (of what not to do or what to do better in the future), maybe you had to submit an essay that got you thinking outside of the box for the first time. Whatever!

You may not have gotten the gold medal this time, but what about the process was rewarding?

Secondly, is there anything you can RECYCLE? For example, a few years back I applied to teach a life skills class at a local college- and to apply I had to put together this whole proposal, including an extensive lesson plan, etc. I didn’t end up getting the position, but I did get another teaching opportunity last Fall- and guess what? I already had all the materials ready to go.

So don’t feel like your time and effort has been wasted. Find a way in to reuse any material of knowledge in the future.

Which transitions into my next point, “You never know what will come back around in the future.” Don’t swear off the coach who placed you on the JV team versus varsity. There’s always next year, another opportunity around the corner. And you never know who’s watching or who has you on their radar- you may be presented with future opportunities because of the one you were denied of.

#4, Don’t make it mean something that it doesn’t mean. This is a big one. As soon as I got the “loser letter”, of course my mind immediately was like, “You’re a loser.”

“Yea girl, I told you. You’re not good enough to run with the big boys. So give it up.”

But because I practice this stuff, I was able to calm that voice down and see the situation for what it was- ya know- oh well, not meant to be right now and that’s it.

Be conscious to what you’re making a “rejection” mean? Because rejection is only a setback if you believe it is.

And lastly, (going back to my cold calling days), every NO gets you closer to a YES. Just by remembering this, it’ll be the drive to keep putting yourself out there. Success is not overnight, but your goals + dreams are worth fighting for. And you will have WINS along to the way, so remind yourself of what those are if you feel your NO’s are bringing you down.

That’s it for today guys. Thanks for watching. Have an awesome week. Subscribe if you haven’t already. LIKE this video. See you next Wednesday. Bye!


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