How to Deal with Stress | Life Hacks & Tips

We each experience stress in different ways. For me, I feel it in my chest. My upper body becomes tense and I immediately feel weighed down. Did I mention the static brain? Oh and there’s of course the aftermath…acne, weakened immune system, and so forth.

It’s known to cause some inner havoc.

Which is why it’s so crucial to know when your stress level is increasing and how to manage it.

This isn’t always easy because we tend to avoid, ignore and mull over any unpleasant feelings happening to us. But this does more harm than good. So you must check in with your body throughout the day.

Get familiar with how your body TALKS to you in times of stress. By doing this, you’ll know rather quickly when your “stress alarm” is going off. Then, you’ll be able to nip it in the bud fast!

Today, I’m sharing simple ways to reduce stress that I’ve personally found helpful, including my #1 GO TO de-stressor!

To WATCH this week’s video, “How to Deal With Stress! Life Hacks & Tips“, click the image below!



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