How to Stop Negative Thoughts & Self Doubt for Good!

Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, mindset expert and interior design enthusiast living in sunny Los Angeles. I help people feel better and create a lifestyle they’re proud of.

We all have a voice inside of our head. It’s the voice that tells us when we’re not good enough or when we can’t do something or when everybody else will disapprove of our actions.

This voice is not necessarily bad. It’s just extremely misinformed.

Which is why it’s so important to learn how to manage it- how to get it on your side and get it working with you instead of against you.

I like to think of this voice as a permanent roommate that never shuts up. The truth is I can’t just kick “her” out. So the way I see it, I’d much rather create a calm, positive environment with her than to maintain a hostile one.

(sounds a lot like real life ; )

In this week’s video, I show you exactly how to do that in 4 simple steps.

To watch, “How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Self-Doubt for Good,” click the image below!


My guilty pleasure is Bravo!
Real Housewives, Southern Charm, Vanderpump, Million Dollar Listing...I watch it all.
I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic.
I still watch reruns of Dawson's Creek on the regular
I know the lyrics to almost every 90's song.
Nathan says it's my hidden talent
My happy place?
Summer days. I love the beach, being tan, cookouts and country music!
Monica Gellar is my alter ego.
Cleaning and organizing are my therapy
I always have a candle burning at home.
I have a cabinet full of them.
My favorite movie?
Father of the Bride.
If I weren't a life coach...
I'd probably be an interior designer or do something in TV/ film production. Any chance I get to visit sets, I'm all over it!


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