How to Get Rid of Your Insecurities!

The timing of this post is a bit ironic. I’m sitting here, ready to talk about our flaws and insecurities when I stumble upon a YouTube video about a woman addicted to plastic surgery.

As I was watching it, it was hard to understand why this woman believed it was necessary to have 54 cosmetic procedures (yes, 54!) to look and feel beautiful.

And just as I predicted, with each surgery she didn’t feel any more beautiful.

Now of course we don’t all take drastic measures when it comes to our own insecurities, but if we don’t know how to accept them, we’ll end up experiencing a similar internal struggle.

This week, I not only share my tips on how get rid of your insecurities, but I also share my stance on permanently changing your physical appearance.

To WATCH, “How to Get Rid of Your Insecurities,” click the image below!


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