Storytime | How I Became a Life Coach

When I tell someone that I’m a life coach, I usually get one of three reactions:

Wow, how did you get into that?” or “I could use one of those,” or my favorite, “Aren’t you too young to be a life coach?

I always want to respond, “No jackass, you clearly have no idea what coaching is all about.” (But that would be “uncoach” like : )

Anyway, I don’t like to tell my story to anyone and everyone, unless I feel as though someone genuinely wants to hear it. Why? Because it’s more than just an answer to their question of why I chose this career field…it’s essentially the story of my life and the obstacles that led me to where I am today.

Don’t worry…I won’t bore you with the entire story.

But in today’s (requested) video titled, “How I Became a Life Coach,” I give you the short, but sweet version. And by sweet I mean somewhat entertaining : )

To WATCH, click the image below. Enjoy!


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  1. Interesting post. Choosing life coaching as a career is good choice as it sometimes makes us happy to help people or motivate them to go through the right path in their life. Keep doing such great deeds. Thank You!

  2. Shaina! I loved hearing your story, and I’m so impressed with everything you’ve done with your coaching practice and Youtube channel. My own path to coaching was different to yours, but it sounds like we went through a similar ‘self-discovery’ phase where we had to shake everything up.
    I didn’t end up getting certified through Martha Beck, but I’ve read all of her books and think she’s fantastic – I’d love to get your thoughts on her program sometime.

    1. Post

      Yes, definitely had to “shake up” my foundation. It was scary and messy, but oh man, SO worth it. I would love to hear about your own experience and unique path with coaching. It’s such a wonderful field!

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