How to Make a Vision Board that ACTUALLY Works!

November 2, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

One of the most popular visualization activities to date is the creation of vision boards- also known as dream boards.

The concept is simple: Cut and paste images of things you want and then voilà, it “magically” appears in your life.

(Well that’s easy enough and who doesn’t love a little arts and crafts action?)

But sometimes people find that they don’t work. They chose their desires carefully, design an aesthetically pleasing board and hang it proudly in an open space, but that dream man is nowhere in sight.

So what’s the deal?

Well today, I’m not only sharing the simple steps on how to create a vision board, but also the #1 secret to ensure that yours manifests as its intended to do.

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Today, I am talking about how to make a vision board that actually works. If you don’t know what a vision board is, also known as a dream board, it is a personal collection of images and words that inspire you. And then once complete, your images are supposed to magically manifest into real life.

But sometimes, this fun activity of cutting and pasting stops there and you wonder WHY that range rover isn’t sitting in your garage by now?

So today, I’m going to share the easy steps on how to make a vision board and the #1 secret to ensure that yours manifests as it’s intended to do.


Ask yourself, what do I want? And more importantly, how do I want to feel? This is where people get tripped up.

(MOCK) They’re cutting out images of a mansion (ooh look at my mansion) and designer clothes (ooh look at my bomber), which is totally fine, BUT they forget to FEEL into what feeling they believe that image will create.

Vision does NOT manifest. Alignment does.

In other words, if I think that a sexy man (ooh la,la) will make me feel special and loved, I must feel special and loved first to attract a Sam Hunt clone into my life.

So with each image that you want, you decide how you want to feel…Freeing, joyful, confident, loved? And you FEEL it!!


Collect your supplies (create checklist)

* Cork board, sheet of paper, poster board
* glue/ pins/ tape
* colored pencils, markers, paint
* paper
* magazines
* scissors
* computer & printer

Create your space

This activity can be done alone or with a friend or two. You just want to make sure that you’re not too distracted where you’re finding it difficult to ground yourself into the desired feelings.

You can play music, light candles, sip on tea, pop the champagne…whatever!

Browse for images and words

Look through your magazines (and/ or on the internet) for images that “speak” to you and cut them out.

With your intentions in mind, go through your images and choose the ones that invoke your desired feelings. Go ahead and paste them to your board.

If you find yourself looking at a picture that creates a feeling of lack (and in turn make you feel like crap) don’t use that one.

Notice blocks. If I’m looking at an image of my dream home, my mind might chime in and start saying, “That ain’t ever happening. Have you seen your bank account?” You must pay attention to fears, stories, and mental obstacles and work through them! If you don’t believe something is possible guys, it’s not.

Keep the inspiration alive. Again, the goal is to connect to the feelings on the board as often as possible. So where can you place your board to achieve this? You don’t necessarily need to post it up for all to see…sometimes the creation process is enough and you can tuck it away. You decide.

And on a final note, vision boards are a form of deliberate creation. It’s about making the conscious choice to design your life, on your terms, instead of allowing life to just happen to you. (I think that’s why I love this activity so much).

You are in control, take the reins…figure out what you want and go after it.

That’s it for today guys, thanks so much for watching. Share this video on social media if you enjoyed it, LIKE it down below and I’ll see you back here next Wednesday!


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