How to Manage Confusion (Decision-Making)

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Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, Educator and 90’s music fan living in sunny Los Angeles. When I’m not coaching my clients, you’ll most likely find me tackling my next home decor project or watching Bravo!

Making decisions for ourselves– and ultimately for our futures– can sometimes feel really hard and draining!!

I get it.

I did the back and forth dance in a relationship for 8 years! 

I spent 9 months at my corporate job, wondering: Should I quit? Should I stay? Should I quit? Should I stay?

I’d spin and spin and spin– never growing in any one direction.

That is until I discovered personal development tools and became a decision-making NINJA!

I went from drowning in ‘decision debt’ to making snap CLEAR decisions and then getting the heck on with my life.

Here’s the thing my friend…

The only reason that making a decision can feel hard or confusing is because the DRAMA we have in our brain about the decision.

We FEAR making the wrong decision.

We FEAR what sits on the other side of the decision.

We FEAR ending up exactly where we started.

All of our messy thinking gets in the way of making a CLEAN decision.

You must untangle the thoughts that are causing your confusion to then make a decision from a place of love and truth.
That’s what my job is. That’s what I help my clients with– untangling their thoughts so that they can make decisions toward their best life.

Today, I’m going to break this down for you in the simplest of terms.

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