How to Not Care What People Think

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Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, Educator and 90’s music fan living in sunny Los Angeles. When I’m not coaching my clients, you’ll most likely find me tackling my next home decor project or watching Bravo!

Just a few years ago, I could barely form my own opinion in public, never mind walk around the city in a pink robe.

Sure, this particular act was solely for filming purposes- to exaggerate the point I’m trying to make- but my ability and eagerness to put myself out there over and over again on a daily basis is proof as to how far I’ve come in the “not caring department.”

Did you know that I attempted to make videos a few years back? Needless to say it was a disaster and an epic fail. Why? Because I was trying so hard to act cool instead of just being myself. (People pick up on frauds rather quickly!)

So how did I go from a “cool” copycat to the real, raw me that you see every week?

As you’ll see in this week’s video, it was a combination of learning to love myself (flaws and all), getting comfortable with the fact that not everyone is going to like me and realizing that outside opinion and judgment really have nothing to do with me (HUGE point).

People will ALWAYS judge you.. so stop trying to control (or prevent) it and learn to walk right into it, without being hurt + harmed in the process.

CLICK below to watch: How to Stop Caring What People Think Of You!

Have a carefree week!