How to Start A Journal

August 17, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

So when I read business books that emphasize the importance of asking for help and working with others to achieve my goals, I all of a sudden find myself speed-reading until I reach the next section.

After all, I was always the kid in school who loathed group projects.

I’ve always preferred doing things on my own and in my own way and I don’t like depending on others.

But for the first time, I’m starting to understand the importance of collaborating with others to achieve a goal.

I’m only one person, with one mind, and can only do so much.

(More to come on this topic. Stay tuned!)

Until then, I collaborated with yet another young lady on YouTube to bring you yet another highly searched topic, “How to Start a Journal.

Yes, another journaling video, but they’re in high demand.

To WATCH, “How to Start a Journal,” click the image below!

Happy journaling!

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Today, I’m talking about “How to Start a Journal,” and I teamed up with Yvette from Irony Completed. She’s the young and quirky young lady and her channel has a variety of different videos- about makeup, hauls, tags and so much more. I will put her info down below so that you can check out her channel and version to this video.

And now, I want to give you my 5 easy steps, my quick start guide, on how to start a journal…


1.) Choose what kind of journaling you want to do

I think this step is appropriate for step one just because the type of physical journal you purchase can vary based on what you’ll use it for.

Need some ideas? So glad you asked. I did a video on “What to Write In A Journal,” very recently. So if you need ideas, I will link that video down below. I cover everything from dream journals, to gratitude, art to fun journal prompts and more!! And I throw a ton of ideas at your so I’d be surprised if you didn’t find one that you liked.

So once you know what kind of journaling you’ll do, you can move on to step two…

Choose a journal that speaks to your heart and one that sparks JOY

Coming off of my KonMari series, I used the question “does this spark joy?” over and over again and it is now my filter when purchasing anything.

There are a ton of different styles, looks and feel when it comes to journals- leather, decorative, inspirational, specialty and so forth. You can browse online, go to Barnes & Noble, or I personally love the journals at Home Goods and Marshall’s…really cute journals at a great price.

3.) Place your Contact Info in your new journal

Personally, I do not travel with my journal. I feel safe when it stays put in my bedroom. But if you’re a person who is going to want to travel with it, be sure to write your contact info on the inside cover. I actually had a coach who left her book, on an airplane and it was returned to her safe and sound by a good Samaritan in the world because her contact info was there.

4.) Set an intention (what do you intend to gain from journaling?)

So once you have your new journal, you know what type of journaling you do, now it is time to set an intention! Generally speaking, my intention is to always feel GOOD or BETTER after using it. But maybe your intention is to gain inspiration or a new idea, or gain some clarity or insight. What do you intend to gain from journaling?

5.) Pick a day/ time that you will set aside to write in your journal

Sometimes just putting the pen to paper is the hardest part. We’re busy; we’re too tired, etc. Hold yourself accountable by scheduling in a time to journal. Figure out which time of day you enjoy journaling the most so that you can set a pretty consistent schedule moving forward. You want to create that momentum by using it day after day.

Just get started!

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