How to Start A Journal

So when I read business books that emphasize the importance of asking for help and working with others to achieve my goals, I all of a sudden find myself speed-reading until I reach the next section.

After all, I was always the kid in school who loathed group projects.

I’ve always preferred doing things on my own and in my own way and I don’t like depending on others.

But for the first time, I’m starting to understand the importance of collaborating with others to achieve a goal.

I’m only one person, with one mind, and can only do so much.

(More to come on this topic. Stay tuned!)

Until then, I collaborated with yet another young lady on YouTube to bring you yet another highly searched topic, “How to Start a Journal.

Yes, another journaling video, but they’re in high demand.

To WATCH, “How to Start a Journal,” click the image below!

Happy journaling!


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