How to Survive Being the New Kid

August 24, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

It’s back to school season!

And I had the brilliant idea to do a “back to school” series- multiple videos on the obstacles that students and young adults face when the Fall rolls around.

In one of my latest videos, “My First Time,” I mentioned that I had attended four different elementary schools from Kindergarten to the 6th grade, forcing me into “new kid” status more times than one cares for.

So I thought, what better place to start : )

Being the new kid, whether you’re entering a new school, starting a new job, going off to college for the first time or moving cross country- is not easy!

I still remember the FEAR that came over me when I experienced all of the above…which is why I wanted to share my quick tips on how to make a smooth and successful transition!

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Hey guys, I hope you had a fantastic week. I’m Shaina Leis, for those of you who don’t know me.

With the Fall upon us, I thought why not do a video on, “Being the New Kid!” Whether you’re changing schools or going off to college for the first time, starting a new job, or moving to a new state, being the “new kid” can be very scary and intimidating.

I mentioned in a recent video, that I actually went to 4 different elementary schools from kindergarten to the 6th grade. So I learned, at a very young age, how to adapt to new situations pretty quickly. And even though it wasn’t easy, I’m grateful for it.

I developed this courage that allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things over and over again as I grew up. And as a result, I’ve had great experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

With that being said, I have faith in all of you that you too can step through the FEAR of being the new kid and step out the other side much stronger.

Without further ado, here are my tips on how to survive being the new kid…


Stay in touch with “old” friends. Not to the point where you’re like “I already have 3 best friends, I don’t need anyone else,” where you’re stepping into a new environment closed-minded. But reach out to your current friends for comfort through this change…if they’re a true friend they’ll be there for you and not try to make you feel guilty for leaving or meeting new people.

Remember that this uncomfortable feeling won’t last long. Feeling nervous and anxious is not ideal, but just know that this too shall pass. You just gotta step into the unknown and before you know it, everything will feel somewhat familiar again.

Don’t limit yourself to your first new “friend”. When we’re the new kid and connect with someone, anyone, we tend to stick with that person out of comfort. We’re like “OK, this person seems normal. I’ll just hang with them.” I did this my first week of college, where I kinda migrated with the first few people I met and didn’t venture out to meet more! Not until I joined a sorority.

Some people you meet right off that bat may be your “people,” (and I did maintain friendships with them) while others may not. Regardless, make sure you continue to explore and meet as many people as you can, so that you’re not limiting yourself.

Be confident and somewhat outgoing. Hold your head up high. Strike up a conversation or just introduce yourself.

Believe it or not, I’m not a very outgoing person. If I’m drinking, that’s another story. But, I’m the type where I’m reserved until I feel comfortable with you and then I’ll open up and be myself. So if you’re like me, I know this can be easier said than done, but just try to push outside your comfort zone a little. It doesn’t take much to start up a conversation.

Be vulnerable. A little honesty and humility can work wonders. If you say to someone, “yea this is my first day, I don’t know anyone. Sucks being the new kid.” Or something like that, chances are that person is not going to be like, “yea, good luck with that,” and walk away. No, most likely they’ll reciprocate, open up as well and start up a conversation.

Get involved and connect with like-minded people. Think of it like being at recess. I hated tag, but I loved the swings. I’m going to venture over to the swings to see what those kids are up too. Those are my people. So join the tennis team if you like tennis or sign up for a dance class. It’s going to be easier to meet people when you’re in your “element” so to speak.

And on a final note to reiterate, being the new kid is not a “BAD THING.” Feel LUCKY that you’re working out this muscle because your future will be better for it! When you learn how to face that FEAR, you’ll be able to do anything in this world! I’m telling you it’s what separates the people who settle from the people who go after what they want and reach their full potential.

That’s it for today guys. If you found any of these tips helpful, please LIKE this video below, SUBSCRIBE for a new video every Wednesday. I’ll see you back here next week! Bye.


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