How to Stay Motivated (When your hard work isn’t paying off)

October 12, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

When we work toward any goal, whether it be to ace a test, make Varsity, get the promotion or lose fifty pounds, it can sometimes leave us feeling beaten and bruised- without much to show for all our hard work.

When this happens, we naturally become frustrated and even worse, unmotivated to continue.

Some choose to give up. While others, find ways to stay motivated so that they can push through until they’ve reached what they set out to accomplish.

My hope is that you’re among the latter.

But if you’re unsure how to tap into that drive (that was so very present in the beginning), I’m confident that this week’s video can help.

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Hey guys, Happy Wednesday! I’m Shaina Leis if you have no idea who I am. Welcome to the land of bettering yourself and your life.

Today, I’m talking about, “How to Stay Motivated”- when you’re hard work is not paying off. (Crashing, hit a wall. Right now, I need a miracle.)

Maybe your working hard at your job, but that promotion is no where in sight,

You’re studying your butt off in school, for what? A measily C.

You’ve been actively working toward that dream of yours, but you didn’t sell one copy.

Or maybe you’re trying to master the sport of croquet, whatever it may be, you feel like you’ve (pause) YES, a wall.

So right now, I’m giving you my 5 very quick tips on how to get motivated again so that you don’t give up before your hard work pays off…


1. Take a step back. Most likely, you’re not only feeling unmotivated, but uninspired, frustrated, stuck in a rut (maybe), you’re in a crappy place. So the first thing you want to do, is breathe and just take a step back.

Drop what you’re doing (or what you’re trying to force)- Stop thinking about your goal, stop trying to make it happen and go do something else. Because I can assure you that nothing valuable will come from the place you’re in right now.

2. Clean up any doubt. I know that when I’m feeling unmotivated, my alarm clock goes off, “beep, beep.” “Shaina, you’ve allowed some fear and doubt to creep in.

We start thinking this isn’t working; this isn’t possible, what’s the point of working so hard?

Ask yourself, ”What thoughts am I buying into that are causing me to feel unmotivated?” Pinpoint each one, question them and replace them.

3. Revisit your vision. When we’re working so hard toward a goal, we sometimes lose sight of our original vision. It becomes blurry. And if we can’t dream it, we can’t do it.

So I recommend you look back through that telescope- your mind’s eye and repaint that vivid picture of your dream, with all 5 senses. This will instantly take you back to that place of inspiration.

4. Focus on the action, not the outcome. This trap is very easy to fall into (especially if you’re like me and have a future mindset). When we focus on the end result (the “finish line”), it makes it very difficult to put ALL of our attention and energy into what we’re working on in the moment.

If I’m thinking I gotta make the team, I gotta make the team (and that’s all I keep focusing on) well it’s going to be difficult for me to fully absorb what my coach is teaching or giving it my all as I practice a new move.

Your power lies in the present moment so stay there! Give 100% to what you’re working on in the moment.

5. Find ways to better your action plan.
If you feel it in your gut that you’re not moving along as fast as you could be, it’s time to see which areas of your action plan need to be tweaked.

(A good scientist never repeats the same experiment twice, expecting different results).

If you’re like me and tend to ALWAYS work solo, it’s time to get some outside feedback and some constructive criticism. Even the smallest outside suggestion can leave you being like, “Why the hell didn’t I think of that?” Ask your boss, coach, friend what could be better? And any ideas on how to do it?

That’s it for today guys. If you found these tips helpful, please give this video a thumbs up below, SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t already (it’s FREE) and I’ll see you back here next week. Bye!


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