JOY Part 1

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Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, Educator and 90’s music fan living in sunny Los Angeles. When I’m not coaching my clients, you’ll most likely find me tackling my next home decor project or watching Bravo!

I was on a Zoom call last week with a client of mine.

We spent the majority of the call working through some nasty limiting beliefs that are NOT serving her in the direction she wants to go.

But then, toward the end of the call…

I had her list off 3 things that are working in her life right now.

Instantly, she perked up and said, “My finances! My finances are working great!! My yoga practice, I almost have my headstand. My inner work and breath work– challenging, yet so great!”

But it wasn’t so much as to WHAT she said, but HOW she said it.

Her whole ENERGY changed in that very moment.

And you better believe I called her out on it 😉

Just by re-focusing her brain to something different– her FEELINGS changed.

It was an opportunity for her to see just how powerful her thoughts are!

And today, I want to offer YOU that same opportunity.

Because the truth is…

We always have the option to feel better– no matter our circumstances.

But first, you must simply grant yourself the permission togo there.

To watch JOY Part 1: Permission Granted, click the image below.




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