I Quit a Job I Hated to Follow My Dreams

So I know I’ve mentioned bits and parts of my story in the past, but people continue to ask me how I got to where I am today.

They’re curious to know how I managed to escape a job I hated in a crap load of debt and pursue a career in coaching.

And today, I’m happy to share that story with you.

Because my experience (even the messy parts) has shown me the real definition of a happy, successful life.

And it’s given me the knowledge of how to get unstuck from crappy jobs (even in debt), how to find work you love and how to get paid doing it!

And most importantly, I am an expert in how to stop wishing your life was different and actually take action to make it happen.

 Today, I share with you the lowest point of my life, the trigger that made me make a drastic move and the solution to all my problems.

To watch, “My Story: Quit a job I hated to follow my dreams”, click the image below!


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