What To Do When You’re Feeling Down

July 13, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

In this thing called life, we each do the best we know how in our careers, in relationships and even with money. It’s not easy, or even possible, to feel high in every aspect of our life in every moment.

We all hit lows sometimes.

In fact, I was feeling pretty down about something in the recent months. It was upsetting to me, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was feeling pretty defeated. But in the midst of my emotional rollercoaster, I realized that the process I use in “filling my tank back up” was one that I’ve used time and time again- a process that ensures effective healing and great results.

So today, I’m sharing my quick tips on how YOU too can go from feeling down in the dumps about something to high again.

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Today, I am talking about “What to do when you’re feeling down about something.” When you’re feeling at a low about something specific happening in your life. Usually when this happens, you’ll feel this heaviness, you can’t stop thinking about whatever it is that’s upsetting you, and you feel defeated in a way.

In the recent months, I was feeling really down about something going on in my life and I realized that the way I moved through it, the way my tank went from empty to full was the same process I use time and time again. A process that ensures effective healing and great results. So today, I really wanted to share my quick tips on how you too can go from feeling low to high again.


1.) Emotional Drainage. If you’re feeling down about something, there’s a good chance your emotions have been building up inside of you for some time- and maybe you ignored them or tried to brush them off- but now they’ve all come to a head. And this is when you must drain them. It’s not going to feel pleasant…it’s like popping a pimple. It’s painful at first, but once it’s done, it’s instant relief. (p.s. I am killing it with my metaphors lately).

My point is to cry it out! Until you feel emotionally drained. Like you can’t cry anymore. Seriously!

2.) Vent to a friend or two. I prefer to cry it out by myself and then once I stabilize my emotions a little,, I’ll then talk to a friend about what’s going on. It’s kinda that icing on the cake that you need.

3.) Small steps. Because you’re probably feeling weak at this point, you don’t want to think too far in advance, or overthink for that matter, you just want to be in the moment, do what feels good and care for yourself one small step at a time.

4.) The sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and how many times, do you wake up from a really low day feeling 3X better in the morning, just because you slept it off. You wake up to the notion that it’s not the end of the world, but only a bump in the road.

5.) Spark that hope. And the last step, number five, is to spark that hope. At this point, you’ve just gone through an emotional cleanse, and now it’s much easier to feel hopeful and positive about what’s to come in the future. About how this situation will get better. Find your spark, your good feeling thought, that gets you smiling and moving again. Let that guide you along.

And on a final note, I just want to say how it never ceases to amaze me that when we move through a low, how something always gives. And I’m sure you’ve experienced it too. Where you feel at a low with money, you breakdown, you move through it and then all of a sudden an unexpected bonus comes about. Then you’re like, OK everything is going to be OK. Keep that in mind moving forward. Things are really never as bad as they seem at first.

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