What’s My Passion? #Freakout!

It wasn’t until my early to mid twenties at my second corporate job that I had a major freak out moment…


This was followed by a long list of other panic infused questions…

What am I good at? What do I love? What do I want to do for the rest of my life? Will I ever find a job that I like? Do I have a talent? What if I don’t find my passion?

This moment was everything! And I mean everything. Because without it, I’d probably still be climbing the corporate ladder, secretly wishing I fell off.

Coming to the realization that I had NO idea what my passion was, scared the ba-jesus out of me. I panicked. I thought, “If I don’t know what my passion is, I’ll be working a job like this one for the rest of my life.

As overwhelming as the question was, it triggered a type of fear that forced me to go out and search for the answer.

I embraced the freakout and my hope is that you do the same. So I put together a few quick tips to help you (or someone you know)! Press PLAY below to WATCH this week’s video: What’s My Passion? #Freakout!


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