Win or Create a Million Dollars?

Hi, I'm Shaina

I’m a Life Coach, mindset expert and interior design enthusiast living in sunny Los Angeles. I help people feel better and create a lifestyle they’re proud of.

Have you ever heard of the “lottery curse”?

People hitting the jackpot and then losing all their money.

The reason?

When we’re handed a million dollars (yet, we’ve never created it before) we haven’t established the mental and emotional bandwidth to keep it or create more of it.

In other words, we may be a million dollars richer, but our brain is still the same brain before buying the ticket.

A brain with the same limiting beliefs and fears.

I’m not worthy. 
I’m not deserving.
The money will run dry.

When we don’t evolve our brains to match the vibrational frequency of a million dollars, we lose it.

And so the idea of winning the lottery seems like a nice idea.

Instant. Easy. Problem-solving.

But the truth is.

Learning how to create a million dollars is where all your power lies.

Because it changes YOU.

It’s WHO you become in the process that allows you to create another million dollars and another and another.

Any who {no pun intended}.

?? today’s video is not really about a bunch of cash.

But rather this very important point.

End results are great.

But the greatest part, truly, is the TRANSFORMATION. 

Those moments, when you look back and THINK…

DAMN. I did that. I created that. I kept going. I worked for that. I did that scary thing even though I was so scared. THAT WAS ALL ME.

That is deep, genuine PRIDE + satisfaction my friend. 

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