10 Things I Wish I Did Differently In College

June 22, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I uploaded a video not too long ago titled, “10 Things I Wish I Knew in High School,” which is actually one of my favorite videos I’ve done thus far.

So when I woke up a few nights ago at 3am -wide eyed- with a similar video idea, but about my college years, I had to answer the “wake up call.”

Believe it or not, it was easy to jot down the things I regret not doing or doing back then….even at 3am! Why? Because I’ve thought about it before!

I quickly compiled a list of things ranging from “I wish I took a year off” to “I wish I took better care of my skin.”

Now, this was not an opportunity for me to feel bad about my choices, or myself but rather an opportunity to help others learn from my mistakes. After all, that is my job : )

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Hello my friends…hope you had a fantastical week. I’m Shaina for those of you who don’t know me. P.s. Are we Insta friends? If not, let’s be. In other news, today I’m talking about the 10 Things I Wish I Did Differently In College. This video is not meant to be a pool of regret and sorrow, but for you guys to learn from my mistakes. This is my life. I do all the screwing up for you guys.


1. I wish I wasn’t so stupid. Just to be very blunt. I didn’t make the best decisions for myself. But I get it, I think we have to go through a period of naïve, reckless behavior to learn the bigger life lessons, I just wish I was a little bit smarter. Just a dash.

2. I wish I took better care of my skin. I was blessed from the gods above with really, really great skin in college. I don’t think I ever got one pimple- and for the amount of alcohol I was consuming and not stepping foot into a gym…Thank you. Granted I wore very minimal makeup back then because I didn’t need too, but I did not have any sort of facial regimen in tact. Someone should’ve given me a decent face wash…my lord. I just didn’t take care of my skin, wish I had because now I’m paying the consequences.

3. I wish I distinguished friends from acquaintances. Especially being in the Greek system, you meet a ton of people, you know everyone, you have 1,200 Facebook friends. But when it’s all over, not everyone will stick around. Instead of spreading myself too thin, I would’ve developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with a handful of people.

4. I wish I didn’t get good grades JUST to get good grades. I focused less on learning and retaining information and more on getting an A. There were some classes, like my public speaking classes and a few of my communication classes that I do think I gained some valuable knowledge and hands on experience, but the remainder of my classes (especially the 20 Gen ED classes that I did NOT need) were just a means to get a good letter grade.

5. I wish I let go of unhealthy relationships more quickly in college. I allowed certain people to stick around for way too long and at the end of the day it just brings heaviness to your overall college experience that’s otherwise not necessary. But at 19, everything feels like the end of the world and then you look back like, “What was I thinking?” If I could go back, I would’ve washed my hands of things more quickly.

6. I would’ve started a YouTube channel or a blog or something outside of the college realm that was just for me. To have something to call my own and a place to express who I was.

7. I wish I took a year off. Either before college or after my sophomore year (Because after that, that’s when things went downhill for me.) It would have been extremely beneficial for my well-being and future to do some soul searching mid way through.

But that would have required some self awareness to make that decision, which brings me to my next point:

8. I wish I were more self-aware. The four years that I was there, felt like a whirlwind. There was no time out or self-reflection or connection to myself. I kinda lived on auto pilot. And all of that really contributed to my lack of direction and lack of self after graduation. I didn’t deal with anything in those 4 years and it really came back to bite me in the ass.

9. I wish I was more balanced. I partied a lot. I mean most of us do. I wouldn’t say I I wish I didn’t party so much, because I had a lot of FUN, but I wish that in addition to that, I also seized more career related opportunities and experiences. I never even did a proper internship, because I was working full time in addition to classes. I wish I would’ve explored options to study in separate programs outside of my university and was a little more hands on in the area.

10. I wish I planned ahead and set up long term goals. I gave zero thought as to what I was going to do after graduation, in fact the only thing I planned was living at a beach house with some friends that summer. I was like I’ll just figure it out when I get there. How hard can it be? I have a diploma and high GPA. Ohhhh, little did I know…

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