10 Ways to Celebrate YOU!

March 15, 2017 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Happy Wednesday!

and Happy Birthday to MOI (aka me)…

Yes, my birthday is tomorrow- woot woot!

If you’ve been watching my videos for a while now, you probably know my age. And if you don’t know my age…well, I’ll just keep that my little secret

Anyway, as I was making plans, I got a surge of good feeling energy- as one usually does on their BIG day. As love pours in from every direction and you treat yourself to special things, it’s almost impossible not to feel really, really good.

Which got me thinking…

Why can’t we feel that special every day? Even on a regular ole Monday?

Which brings me to this week’s brand new video!

To WATCH, “10 Ways to Celebrate YOU,” click the image below.

with gratitude and much love,



Hey guys. Happy Wednesday. And happy almost birthday to moi- yea, it’s my birthday tomorrow so in lieu, I’m doing a special edition video, “10 Ways to Celebrate YOU!” not just on your birthday, but any day of the year.

Because here’s the thing- birthdays are like our 24 hours of fame. There’s the gifts and the birthday wishes from people you haven’t spoken to in 6 years. So you walk around all day on a high because you’re the star of the show.

And that’s when I was like hmmm, wouldn’t it be nice to FEEL special and make some things about you every day? Even on a Tuesday.

And I know that if you were to treat every day like your “special day,” than that day wouldn’t be so special anymore.

It’s like people that keep their Christmas lights up all year round! It kinda takes the magic out of the magic season. Ya know what I’m sayin?

Anyway I’m not saying go swipe swipe at a luxurious spa every day or make a wish.

I’m talking QUICK, easy ways to make the day about you a little bit more.
We just gotta do small things for ourselves to keep our spirits high, let’s go!


The first way to celebrate you on the daily is to…

1. Take a break. Just like a smoker who takes multiple cigarette breaks throughout the day. Is it me or does nobody ever seem to question their 9 breaks a day? They’re just excused bc they have a “valid” reason. Well guess what? Now you do too! Tell your boss Shaina said so.

Stop what you’re doing and take a time out, the same way a smoker does. Step outside; watch a funny YouTube video (I know of a really good channel), make a cup of tea, whatever floats your boat.

2. Be naughty and indulge just a little bit. My guilty pleasure: toast with jam, not chocolate, but toast. Like an old lady. And yours is?? That, that right there…treat yourself to it.

3. Post a love note. You are having the best hair day. Girl, you know your outfit is so cute today. Posting these compliments at your desk or in your car, will instantly boost your mood.

4. Relax. Choose an activity that quiets your mind. For me, my couch and Bravo TV. Yessss. But if meditation or yoga is more your style than fine, but don’t judge me.

5. Post a selfie. Let’s be real, the only time any of us post a selfie is when we know we look good. You know what I’m saying. So take a new pic or dig one up from college- your prime years (use TBT) and post it up.

6. Pamper. Who needs a spa day when you have one of these amazing back scratching tools that you can keep at your desk? Take a long, hot bath or simply paint your nails.

7. Dance like no one is watching. Release your inhibitions. I still dance in front of my mirror- remember that? Never too old.

8. Choose + listen to your ANTHEM. There’s nothing better than that blasting that perfect song- the song that instantly empowers you.

9. Buy something you really really like. Doesn’t have to be something extravagant, but just something that when you look at it brings you joy.

10. Do something solo. Take a walk or bring your laptop and sit outside at a coffee shop (one of my fav things to do). Just spend some quality time alone to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with yourself…the most important relationship you’ll ever have!

OK that is t for today guys. If you enjoyed this video or want to wish me a happy birthday, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you next Wednesday! Bye.


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