Back to School Q&A

I hope you had a fantastic week : )

Amidst my Back to School series, I stumbled upon yet another YouTube tag (a list of questions to be answered by video creators), titled “Back to School.

So I thought, “Ummmmm this is beyond perfect! I have to do it.”

Like previous “tag” videos, I was pumped to film, for the sole purpose that there is very little to NO preparation for Q&A’s.

But once I finished filming, I immediately regretted not looking at the questions beforehand.


I felt as though my answers could’ve been more refined and polished. This could be my overachiever, highly prepared self talking. But regardless, this is my wheelhouse and I don’t (ever) like being caught off guard with questions on a topic that I’m passionate about.

With that being said, I hope you gain something from this video…

To WATCH, “Back to School TAG,” click the image below!


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