How I Saved $28,000 in 10 Months!

When it comes to leaving a crappy job to pursue a dream, here are some of the most common complaints and excuses I hear:

I can’t just quit my job.
I have to pay the bills.
I have no money.
I don’t have the time.

People convince themselves that the transition from a job they hate to a dream career isn’t possible before they ever even try.

But, I’m telling you that it is possible. It just takes sacrifice and hard work to balance the practicalities of life and the pursuit of a bigger dream.

With that being said, I chose the path of working my little butt off for 10 months, save every penny and sacrifice play so that I could move cross country to essentially “find myself” and pursue a career I loved.


This is of course not the only path to “set yourself up” for the big leap, but it’s the one I took. And here’s how I did it…

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