How I Saved $28,000 in 10 Months!

June 21, 2017 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis


When it comes to leaving a crappy job to pursue a dream, here are some of the most common complaints and excuses I hear:

I can’t just quit my job.
I have to pay the bills.
I have no money.
I don’t have the time.

People convince themselves that the transition from a job they hate to a dream career isn’t possible before they ever even try.

But, I’m telling you that it is possible. It just takes sacrifice and hard work to balance the practicalities of life and the pursuit of a bigger dream.

With that being said, I chose the path of working my little butt off for 10 months, save every penny and sacrifice play so that I could move cross country to essentially “find myself” and pursue a career I loved.


This is of course not the only path to “set yourself up” for the big leap, but it’s the one I took. And here’s how I did it…

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Hey guys, Happy Wednesday. I’m Shaina Leis if this is your first time here. This is the channel where you learn, laugh and get inspired all at the same time. Today, I am going to tell you how I saved $28,000 in just 10 months when I was 24 years old. Let’s jump right in. So just to give you a little background…this 10-month period is when I lived in Boston. It was right after I left my second corporate job that I hated and right before I moved to Los Angeles to figure my shit out + “find myself”. So it was kinda that transitional period. So what was I doing for work? I was a crazy couponer and today I’m going to teach you how to be one too. I’m just kidding. I was nannying for a few different families- I found a family on Sittercity and met ALL the remaining families through them. They all lived in the same neighborhood and it was like I was working for the real housewives of Boston. But they weren’t crazy, in fact they were some of the nicest people I had ever met. Anyway, on average, I was clocking about 60-70 hours a week: Monday-Friday 9-6pm including 2-3 overnights and most Friday + Saturday evenings. I’m going to give you an overview of my finances, I don’t want to get too number driven because who likes math? But here we go…I was making about $1,100 a week. My rent was only $550/ a month- found an amazing deal on Craigs list outside the city with a roommate. My monthly car loan was $170. Car insurance $100. Cable/ internet about $60. Electric always varied (those horrendous East Coast winters), so we’ll say $100/ month. Student loans, $400 a month. Cellphone- ppshhhh, I was on that family plan. And still am. (whisper) All of my gas was paid for by one of the families I worked with because I drove their kids around. Jackpot. Food…I’m not kidding you, because I worked AM-PM, I never went to the grocery store once, never used my kitchen. I ate all my meals at work. As far as a social life, because I was working all the time, a night out was a rare occasion. But that was fine because alcohol and eating out- that’ll empty your pockets real quick, real real quick. So to sum up, after expenses I was left with over $3,000 a month- most of which went straight into my savings, and then of course taxes and a little spending money. All in all, my determination to never work a job I hated again and instead do work that I enjoyed was what pushed me to work my little butt off and sacrifice play for 10 months. Was I burning myself out? Probably. But I don’t think I really cared, because then when I moved to LA I had this savings account as a cushion so that I could A.) explore my different interests and B.) later on down the road- pursue + invest in my dream…with some of that money, honey. The reason I’m sharing this is because I know a lot of you feel stuck- you don’t think it’s possible to make the transition like I did (from a bad job to a career you love). But, I’m telling you that it is possible. Maybe not the exact way I set myself up to do it, there are different ways to break your financial excuses. It just takes being an active problem solver, sacrifice and hard work- to balance the practicalities of life and the pursuit of a bigger dream. I’m going to be talking SO much more about this so if you want to be a VIP member, sign up for my email list. My VIPS will be getting some special things in the next few months. The link is down below. Subscribe if you haven’t already and of course LIKE this video if you enjoyed it. I’ll see you next week.


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