How to Be Awesome!

September 16, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

First, I would like to take a moment of silence for my camera lens that fell into the pool while filming. RIP. You were a great starter lens to the YouTube family.

So I’m somewhat in love with the activity of listing 25 things that make us so awesome. It’s not everyday that we remind ourselves of all the things we’ve accomplished, the cool experiences we’ve had and WHOA…look at those fine legs!

Our mind’s “default” setting seems to be “worst critic,” but you have the power to change the dial once and for all.

By taking some time to reflect and pinpoint what makes you and your story so awesome, you slowly begin to change the relationship you have with yourself. And this is very important because…

When we feel great on the inside, we shine on the outside.

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What’s up guys? It’s me Shaina

Today, I want to help you create your very own highlight reel. A roundup of all the things that make you so awesome. Now this comes as a real struggle to most of us because we aren’t used to tooting our own horn.

But you should have no shame in your game when it comes to this.

Lord knows I don’t.

I mean I won my sixth grade spelling bee, I have like dozens of dance trophies, I was prom queen, I’m like the best connect 4 player ever, I won the superlative “nicest” in junior high school…

Yea, because that’s not conceited or anything.

Hey, I’m trying to film here.

Sorry about that, she gets a little cranky at this time.


So, when I work with a client, I have them come up with a list of 25 things that make them so awesome. And that’s exactly what I want you to do! Because you deserve to feel good about yourself!

Important points are worth repeating. You deserve to feel good about yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with exuberating a little confidence out in the world.

“I’m so awesome.
I already know.
I’m like the best thing
Ever since sliced bread.”

Now, I’m really not talking about arrogance here…I couldn’t help myself.

Confidence is “I’m great and I have a lot to offer” while arrogance is “I’m great and I’m better than you.”

Big difference.

Ok, important information. Whatever is going on up here is going to determine what you do out in the world. Because our thoughts cause our feelings which drive our action.


Translation. If you don’t think you’re great, you’re not going to feel great, which means you won’t do great things.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was your crash course in mind management.

The sooner you start tapping into your inner awesome, the sooner you’ll start to shine out in the world! Wait did you guys hear that?

Well, someone’s really come around.

Here are 3 things to remember when creating your “I’m So Awesome” List.

1. Know that you and only you are responsible for how you feel.

Ahhhhh this is something that so many people don’t understand- because we aren’t taught how to own our emotional state. We’re constantly looking for validation outside of ourselves to feel good.

“If someone would just tell me I’m beautiful, then I’ll feel it. If I just get that job, then I’ll feel worthy.

This may be a quick fix, at most, but this is an inside job.

Take responsibility for your own feelings! Decide that today is the day that you’re going to feel good about who you are because you say so!

You get em’ girl.

2. Don’t just say it, believe it.

This is where mantras go haywire. You can say, “I’m awesome” 10,000 times, but if you don’t actually believe it, you’re wasting your time.

The point of replacing your thinking is to feel good and the only way to feel good is actually believe the wonderful things you’re telling yourself.

So how do you start believing that you’re awesome, talented or worthy? You seek out evidence for it.

Grab a piece of paper and let the list making begin…

3. List big or small things. Think about your personality traits, physical characteristics, life experiences and accomplishments.

Reflect all the way back to when you were a kid to present day. You don’t have to come up with the 25 things all in one sitting, just make sure that with each piece of evidence – you get that feeling of accomplishment, pride, confidence, or whatever.

Once you have your complete list, read it over (slowly) and just pay attention to the surge of energy you experience. Keep this list handy and reread it anytime you need a little reminder as to how awesome you really are.

That’s it for today guys. Thank you for watching. Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and be sure to LIKE this video. Have an awesome week. I’ll see you next Wednesday at 10am PT! Bye.


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