How to Manage Your Multi-Passionate/ Multi-Talented Self!

September 9, 2015 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I love the self-help world, but I also love home decorating, filmmaking and red wine. I have a creative eye, but I also have a knack for presenting. Having a plethora of interests and talents can make choosing a career path difficult.

I want to help you embrace your gifts instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.

We aren’t taught how to manage our fascinations and strengths and how they intertwine to form our ideal lifestyle.

Most of us go searching for the answers in our head, but unfortunately, we won’t find them there. Most of us worry and stress about the unknown, but unfortunately those feelings drive us in the wrong direction.

In this short video, I give 3 simple tips on how to start managing your multi-talented & multi-passionate self right now.

It’s through inspired action that we find clarity and through patience and trust that we stumble upon our life’s calling.

So relax, have fun with this phase and trust!

CLICK the IMAGE below for this week’s video! Enjoy : )

Have a fun week!

With gratitude and much love,



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