How to Deal With Burn Out!

December 14, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

This is my last video…

of 2016 : ) But, YES, I will be back after the New Year!

Since I started my channel, 76 videos ago, I have yet to take a week off! With that being said, I’m due for a much-needed break to recharge my batteries. And to of course, create new, even better content for all of you.

Which transitions beautifully into what I’m talking about in today’s video. Almira, a loyal viewer, reached out to me for some advice and guidance on how to deal with burn out. How fitting right?

Almira puts tremendous pressure on herself to get good grades, makes little time for socializing or relaxing and has lost her happy go-lucky self.

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Hello everybody…welcome back! I’m Shaina Leis if this is the first video you’re watching on my channel. This is the last Q&A video before the New Year and today’s question comes from Almira…Hit it!!


Almira writes: “Hi Shaina. I was wondering how to deal with being burnt out? I used to be that happy go-lucky kid, motivated to chase his dreams, but suddenly- one day- I felt tired and my willpower hit a new low. I’m not sure if I’m pressuring myself too much? I’m just so unmotivated to finish the tasks of the day. Burnout is real. Help!”

When it comes to burn out, the first thing to do is to TAKE TIME OFF! Whether your burnout is the result of school or work or building a business, you need to completely remove yourself to recharge your batteries. And also to clear your mind so that you can take other steps to prevent and avoid future burnout.

Figure out how much time you need! Whether that be a week or two or three week vacation to take a vacation, maybe even a leave of absence…just decide how much time you need and make it happen.

Burn out can happen when you HATE what you’re doing or when you LOVE what you’re doing – it doesn’t matter. Too much of anything is not good. Which is why you need to CREATE A BALANCE.

A balance between work/ school, social life/ family/ friends, hobbies and rest. Create a schedule to hold yourself accountable to this balance.

Don’t just say you need more balance, actually create it.

I’m going to work X amount of hours M-F, go out with friends every Friday night, do an activity I love on Saturdays and have a lazy, relaxing Sunday.

WHAT TWEEKS NEED TO BE MADE TO YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE, if any? For you Almira, it’s about asking yourself, “Is this the right school for me or is it too academically demanding and strenuous?” Same if you’re burnt out in a job—is this the right work environment for me? Or do I value not bringing work home after I clock out?

If it’s the circumstance- the environment that you’re in- what big change is in order to create more freedom?

And on the flip side, if it’s not necessarily the demands of the environment, then WHAT TWEEKS NEED TO BE MADE INTERNALLY?

You want to shine a light on the pressure you’re putting on yourself and WHY. If you don’t achieve these standards you’ve set up for yourself, then what? What are you making it mean about you? That you’re not enough. That you’re a failure?

Most of the time burn out is the result of not wanting to let other people down and mostly ourselves. But, how are you letting yourself down by burning yourself out? How is burn out actually taking you farther from what you want to achieve and how you want to feel?

And my last tip, DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. Have a go to saying when that voice is screaming at you to do more, to do better. Be like, “Listen, I hear you, but I’m doing the best I can. This pace is healthier for me.” Something along those lines to tame that inner beast.

And speaking of burn out, in other news, I am actually going to be taking a few weeks off from posting new videos to my channel. Since I started this channel, 76 videos ago, I have not missed a week, so I’m in need of a little break to recharge myself and create some new, cool content for all of you.

But, I will be back and I will STILL be communicating every week with those of you on my email list : ) So if you’re not on that list, I’ll put the link below to sign up for that. Happy, happy holidays! I will see you after the New Year! Bye guys.


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