How to Stop Everyday Envy & Jealousy

March 1, 2017 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

So I can go weeks upon weeks feeling good about myself, what I’m doing + what I’m accomplishing, and then (in what seems like an instant) those good feelings can just disappear.

Why you ask?

Because the moment that I feel envious of what somebody else has, I quickly feel like I’m NOT ENOUGH.

And when I don’t feel like enough, I don’t put my best foot forward out in the world. Not a great cycle to be in!!

I’m sure you can relate and have found yourself sucked into the “jealousy tunnel.” Today, I want to help you know HOW to get out quickly…

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Hey guys, Happy Hump Day, I’m Shaina Leis (not lice, not lace, but leis- like you lease a car). Today, I am talking about “How to Stop Everyday Envy and Jealousy.”


We’re all guilty of feeling envious of somebody or what somebody else has from time to time, but in the land of bettering ourselves, we don’t want to be that way…right!?

We want to be happy for other people and their successes, and their happiness and the fact that they can eat a cheeseburger and still be a size 2. (Why? Why? It’s just not fair).

When we are NOT centered (when we’re not walking around from a place of love), that’s when we immediately become distressed when we see that someone has something that we don’t.

She’s got the hot guy, he has the nice car, her Instagram flow is on point.

Envy is a distraction. It stops us from getting what we want. We think, “That person is winning, which means I’m losing.”

And then we feel bad about ourselves, and we don’t put our best foot forward out in the world to make things happen.

Game over.

And sometimes we go a step further and wish that the person we’re jealous of didn’t have what they have!

That’s just bad karma.

With that being said, here’s what I suggest…

Instead, want what you have. When we feel envious, we discount everything that we have. So flip that switch.

I have a great smile, yes I want that and I have that.

If you haven’t taken a moment to count your blessings, get to it. If you have deep rooted insecurities- I recommend reaching out for help to fix the root of the problem so you can increase your self-confidence. I also have some videos that can help that I will link down below.

Reverse your FEAR. Envy comes from a place of fear- always. I am not enough, I don’t do enough and I don’t have enough. (use sounds)

Again, this is what I mean by not being centered. You want to reverse that fear and transform it into love. Because when you love yourself, you love other people.

Celebrate YOU. Reward yourself and give yourself the praise and approval that you deserve.

Celebrate Others! Just because somebody else has 1 million readers on their blog, doesn’t mean that you can’t have that one-day as well. There’s plenty to go around so practice being happy for others.

A simple everyday practice… Compliment Others. Instead of just thinking, “Oooh I like her shoes, tell her, “Hey I really like your shoes.” She may not tell you where she got them…

And the last point that I want to make is to change your story. When we are full of envy we may think things like, “She is better than me. He is more successful. I’ll never be like that.”

This is not a competition people. The only person you need to be competing with and striving to be better than is yourself! So change your story, your attitude, your perspective and you can work on the things you don’t particularly like about yourself.

Ok guys that is it for today. I will be doing a video on “How to stop comparing yourself to other people,” next week (a sister video) so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that! Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please LIKE it down below. See you next week! BYE.


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