Is Your Day Job Keeping You From Your Dreams?

November 30, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) filled with lots of love and gratitude

We are back in action on this lovely Wednesday with yet another Q&A video and today’s question comes from Juliana! Here’s a quick look into what we’re talking about today…

Juliana is afraid that her day job consumes so much of her time and energy that she will get sucked in and not pursue her real goals and dreams.

Sound at all familiar?

Today, I share some of my QUICK tips to ensure that your day job doesn’t eat up your goals and dreams!

To watch, “When Your Day Job Is Keeping You From Your Dreams” CLICK the image below!

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We’re doing another Q&A today and today’s question comes from Juliana..hit it.


Juliana writes…

“”Hi Shaina. I started my first job about 3 months and I’ve been learning a lot. I do feel as though it’s a good experience for me. However, I just graduated with an architecture degree and I have a lot of dreams and goals I want to accomplish. I’m scared that I will stay at this job for too long and fall behind from what I really want to do. I would like to go abroad for a masters degree but again, I’m scared I will let time pass. What should I do to ensure that my day job and time doesn’t consume my goals?”

So many people get caught in the day job trap!

But most people remain stuck at their day job because they don’t know what their dreams and goals are – I don’t really know what else I would do. This pays the bills. So yea –

The fact, Juliana, that A.) you know what you really want and B.) you’re consciously cautious of this trap is HUGE. It’s half the battle, if not more. Round of applause for you.

But here are some of my quick tips to ensure that your day job does not eat up your dreams and goals:

Keep your dream alive. Don’t lose sight of your vision. Sit with it, revisit it, create a vision board and place it on your desk (p.s. if you haven’t seen my vision board video I’ll link it down below- music off), do something everyday that gets you working toward that goal of yours- even if it’s ten minutes a day.

And for those of you who are watching who aren’t as lucky as Juliana to know what your goals and dreams are, then you should absolutely be taking action everyday to figure it out.

Pay attention to when your time is up. Your internal guidance system will tell you when your time is up. Don’t ignore the red flags. When you feel tension and tightness somewhere in your body, that’s your alarm clock going off.

Don’t overstay at your day job for the wrong reasons. Your scared it’ll look bad on your resume if you don’t stick it out for X amount of time. You don’t want to let down your boss by leaving. This is your first job…and if you already know that it’s not your forever job, you want to learn the lesson, get the experience and get moving.

And also when your time is up, it may mean your next destination is studying abroad or maybe you have another pit stop. Time will tell, but until then just plug into what feels good right now.

Set a date (or multiple dates) to check in with yourself. This date doesn’t necessarily mean, “OK, time to quit.” But really it’s a reminder to reevaluate your current situation. Is this day job still working for me? Does it still feel good? Am I happy? What else needs to be done to prepare for the next big move? By setting a date, it holds you accountable.

And on a final note, I know a lot of you have voiced your concern about leaving your day job. Because of financial reasons, responsibilities, not knowing what to do next, etc…I am working on something really exciting for after the new year that will address your questions- so to receive the latest updates on that- make sure you’re signed up for my email list. The link is down below.

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