My Morning Routine (spoof)

January 27, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

There are a ton of misconceptions about life coaches. Things like…

…we’re always happy, smiling and oh yes, we never stress. In fact, this was the exact thought a friend of mine had when she insisted that I didn’t need soothing lotions, because I’m a life coach and I don’t stress!

This makes me laugh : )

I will say that I do have the luxury of having my mornings open and free to do as I please. I don’t take this for granted. Although, I could easily sleep in, I choose to wake up bright and early to get my day started. For me, being productive, consuming lots of liquids and listening to music is how I set a positive tone for the rest of my day.

Although some parts of my daily routine are accurately portrayed in this comedic short, the majority of this video is solely for your entertainment.

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Good morning guys. So I wanted to give you a sneak peak into the morning routine of a life coach.


So I wake up bright and early, at 5am- smiling. I’m so happy in the morning, and not just happy, but like over the moon, ecstatic about life happy.

Once I release all my toxins from the night before, I head over to the kitchen. But coaches don’t just walk room to room…no, no, no…we skip because why walk, when you can skip. Skip to the lou my darling…
Oh shoot I forgot my robe.

There, I make my morning cup of coffee! JUST KIDDING!! Caffeine is a big no no. We practice happiness without the use of stimulants.

oh and guys this is really, really important. When you’re a life coach, you must drink out of a mug with an inspirational word or message of some sort.

Dream, that’s a good one.
Think happy…yes because I’m so happy.

I start with a cup of tea, water with lemon, a green, smoothie and more water. Staying hydrated and living a healthy lifestyle is a must.

Now, it’s time to sing with the birds.

Next there’s a period of complete silence and stillness to meditate, express my gratitude, pray for the ones I love, visualize my future and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Oh my gosh I forgot to take my natural vitamins

Having a brightly colored wardrobe makes getting dressed for the day easy. I just choose my outfit based on what “feeling” I want to exuberant out into the world that day.

Not needed today. Just a little bit of lip gloss to kiss the sun with.

I shine so brightly on the inside that I radiate from the out.

I am then ready to conquer the world and change lives, one person at a time.

Hey guys, so my morning routine is not exactly like that one haha. For more entertaining shorts and helpful information to better yourself and your life, remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and like this video. See you next Wednesday. Bye!!


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