What Is A GUT Feeling? (and when to listen to it)

June 15, 2016 | Written with Love By: Shaina Leis

Can you recall a time in your life that you were forced to make a very big decision? A time when you were unsure which choice was ultimately best for you?

Do you remember HOW you made a decision in the end?

Because that’s where the real magic lies.

Life is full of choices, as you already know. Some big. Some small. Some even life altering. But decision-making doesn’t need to be stressful or overwhelming. And in fact, it never is when you KNOW you’ve made the best decision possible.

And that’s where listening and following your gut comes into play.

I consider myself an expert in the “field of guts.” I’ve been listening to mine for the majority of my life and guess what? It’s never steered me wrong. Even when it’s telling me to do something that seems a bit outrageous at first.

We were each born with an internal guidance system for a reason. YOUR GUT IS YOUR COMPASS. If you know how to read it, it’ll steer your life in the direction of your dreams.

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I love what we’re talking about today- and that is a gut feeling. It’s a real thing, it’s a powerful thing and it’s also kinda magical. It’s just proof that there’s a higher force guiding each and every one of us. So yea, let’s get this party started…


What is a gut feeling? A gut feeling, also known as your intuition, is an automatic, mindless process that does not involve deep thinking or analysis. It’s a form of decision-making that comes from within instead of the place in your head. It’s a deep knowing and certainty that comes through in a powerful way.

Now there is a difference between instinct and intuition. An instinct is more instantaneous…so for example, your instantly overwhelmed with this feeling that says, “don’t get into that elevator with that man.” That’s an instinct. Your body’s way of speaking to you in that moment. (babysitting example). Those are instincts.

A gut feeling or your intuition, is not so much an impulse, but more of a process- especially in decision making.

I’m going to tell you how my gut speaks to me and how I set my gut up for speaking to me…if that makes sense.

Each time that I’m faced with a decision (usually a bigger decision), I first, usually go into panic mode: OMG what am I gonna do, Idk what to do, what should I do? Once my crazy settles, I simply let it go.

I don’t think about it, I don’t obsess over my options, I just go about my normal day. Because now I’m just waiting for the answer to come TO me, instead of forcing an answer OUT of me.

This is when the magic happens. All of a sudden, out of nowhere (right? When I’m just living my life), the answer will just hit my like a pound of bricks. And in that moment, I can literally feel it in my gut, this is the answer. And when that happens, it’s like all the obstacles melt away, all the indecisiveness disappears and I become so certain in that moment of what I’m going to do.

This process of how my gut speaks to me is I think similar to what happens to other people, I’m not exactly sure, so please comment below…I would actually really love to hear how your gut speaks to you.

I can recall the times of my life that I’ve listened to my gut and honestly guys it has never steered me in the wrong direction, ever. In fact, ALL of the best periods of my life were because I followed it.

Now disclaimer, that’s not to say that when you follow your gut everything is wonderful and great, there’s usually some sort of change involved, and with change comes chaos, but once you get past that, you’re like WOW, this completely bettered my life.

So my advice is to always listen your gut. If you’re scared too, if whatever it’s telling you involves a lot of risk, my advice is to recall a time in your life that you did follow it and how everything not only turned out fine, but your life changed for the better because of it. By doing this, it will help you establish a level of TRUST.

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