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I quit the 9-5 grind with $80,000 in debt. I moved cross country without a plan or a job. I built a successful coaching career without a biz background. And

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Feeling Offended

Not gonna lie. This is probably my favorite video of 2020. I highly encourage you to PRESS PLAY, if… You’re easily offended by people, places and things. You find highly

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Investing In Coaching

Today, I want to talk about investing in yourself. And more specifically, investing in COACHING. I’m gearing up to make my next 10K investment with my own coach and so

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Therapy Vs. Coaching

Today, I want to talk about therapy versus coaching. This is something that I get asked about a lot. But first, I want to preface this video by saying: YES,

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Going On A Rampage!

When you see the word “rampage,” do you immediately think angry? Understandable. But if you’re a law of attraction buff (like myself) you immediately think, FEEL GOOD. Because in the land

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All OR Nothing Mentality

Have you ever been magnetically drawn to something (a cause or passion) but quickly thought: Yea, but I don’t have the time to go ALL IN on that! Do you

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It’s the final video of my Self-Love 5-Part Series ❤️ At this point you should be like… The work that you’ve been doing this last month is the HALLMARK of

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Compassion & Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. We all fail. We all do or say something that we later wish we hadn’t and that we aren’t proud of. We all F*** up big

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Appreciating Yourself

Love is in the air ❤️ Video #3 of my Self-LoveSeries is here! So far, I’ve been talking a lot of about unconditional self-acceptance– affirming your 100% worth, despite any

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Relaxed Awareness

I help my clients uncover their hidden (crappy) thoughts that are creating the EXACT results they DON’T want! Cue their reaction… Immediately, they want to get rid of these thoughts.

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I used to think that self-esteem and self-acceptance were synonymous. Focus on my strengths. F*** my weaknesses. Perform well. OK!! Sure, I can “accept” myself for WINNING 😀 Easy, peazy,

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fun facts
My guilty pleasure is Bravo!
Real Housewives, Southern Charm, Vanderpump, Million Dollar Listing...I watch it all.
I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic.
I still watch reruns of Dawson's Creek on the regular
I know the lyrics to almost every 90's song.
Nathan says it's my hidden talent
My happy place?
Summer days. I love the beach, being tan, cookouts and country music!
Monica Gellar is my alter ego.
Cleaning and organizing are my therapy
I always have a candle burning at home.
I have a cabinet full of them.
My favorite movie?
Father of the Bride.
If I weren't a life coach...
I'd probably be an interior designer or do something in TV/ film production. Any chance I get to visit sets, I'm all over it!